the office

i love/hate when people come back from trips to the office and leave food on their desks for everyone to eat. i find out via the office-wide emails they send out. sucks that when im feeling hungry but too cheap to buy a snack, i can only drool over the food from a distance. i don’t wanna be that guy who comes over and take/gobbles up the food unannounced. also, sometimes its people who aren’t in my division which means i really don’t know them. plus that means i have to make small talk which is the worst. can’t people put the food in a more centralized and not so awkward place? like the coffee room?

ps. in japan, or maybe just my office, there’s no water cooler. we have a cool looking machine that dispenses water, ice or water + ice. ill take a pic next time 🙂


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  1. hydenckl6

    two words: sneak attack.

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