being asian america in asia

two tourists in tokyo and i

“what no! i told u we’re lost!!….”
“..let’s ask taht guy over there….”
“wait no i asked last time you ask this time..”

“um… hi .. hello? we …”
“i speak english…”
“oh thank god!”

and then i proceed to give them directions and as they thank me and are about to leave one goes “your English is excellent!”

in retrospect, i shouldn’t told them i speak english. ahah i should have let it play out and messed with their heads. 🙂



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3 responses to “being asian america in asia

  1. hydenckl6


  2. C

    the next time someone asks me if i speak english, i’m going to say, “english? what’s that?”

  3. hydenckl6

    hahahahahaha i was thinking you should have said something like, uh, no, i’m american, and put them to shame, …but then i realized they might not have been japanese. ha.

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