i try not to make my journal entries the angsty/sappy/emo-filled xanga/livejournal type but i would like to say one thing:

i miss my friends dearly, already.

one love.



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4 responses to “friends

  1. yurithedreamer


    “real friends are lonely concurrently”
    by Bonnard

    i have no idea who Bonnard is, but i found it online.

    if you feel lonely watch “rooney roons”.

    P.S. don’t delete your previous post even if you complemented me too much! hehehe
    i deserve it by spending 2 hours just setting up the design.

  2. hydenckl6

    “compliment,” not “complement.”

    see you soon, tach.

  3. C

    nice catch, JT! i wish we weren’t all so far away from each other.

  4. eugenepd86

    banana boat.

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